Thursday, July 09, 2015

Murals being made, part 29b

Last time, I posted photos of a mural taking shape, March 7th, on the east side of the Buffet Bar. The bartender enthusiastically showed me what the finished mural would look like and told me the artist's first name, which I remembered as Joanna.

A couple of weeks later, a reader wrote to ask about the Greetings from Barrio Santa Rosa mural. I'd been in touch with the muralist, Johanna Martinez, a while back. So I sent her a copy of the reader's question and also asked her if she was working on any other public murals. She wrote back and said she was painting a mural on the side of the... Buffet Bar. Joanna... Johanna... oh!

She'd be leaving town soon; I couldn't find a time to stop by and see her painting. (That's next time.) But I stopped by on April 5th, while she was away, and snapped a couple of photos. Here's a view showing what's left of the “tough-guy” saguaro mural and what's new on the new mural:

The bison have more detail, the landscape has taken shape, and the middle of the title is there. Here's a close-up of the title:

Iron Horse (for the neighborhood) is missing the first I and the last e.

The saga continues next time — in part 29c!

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