Monday, January 18, 2016

Tucson Arts Brigade murals being removed

I'm sad to announce that Tucson Arts Brigade Executive Director Michael B. Schwartz has told me to “Remove all tab murals from your site immediately.”

TAB does a great service to the community — for instance, working with youth (some who've been tagging buildings) to teach them to paint murals. Though I don't understand Michael's request, I'll do what he asked ASAP. If you love TAB murals, here's a Google search you can click on to see them while they're still online:

"Tucson Arts Brigade" OR TAB

Three years ago, I posted a list of Murals on TAB's Facebook page. You might find some newer photos there as well as on TAB's website.

By the way, I won't be removing the entire blog entries — just the photos.


Allison Miller said...

You should ignore his request. He is insane.

FlossyMoth said...

I really don't think he has any right to tell you to take down the photos of the murals. It seems like you're doing a public service by including them on your blog. If it were my blog, I would tell Michael Swartz to hire a lawyer, and leave the photos up (I assume they are photos you took). Additionally, you can get a 30 minute consultation with a lawyer for $35 here:

Anonymous said...

This is so cruel and false. Why say these things?

Jerry Peek said...

I would publish the email that Michael Schwartz sent me, but I think it would violate his privacy. Of course I didn't remove the photos of the beautiful murals with some kind of vendetta. Michael requested that I remove the photos.

Since then, he's also demanded that I remove all mentions of the Tucson Arts Brigade on this blog! Recently he told me that I'm required to state that the new downtown murals are copyrighted by TAB -- which directly contradicts his previous demand that I wasn't allowed to mention TAB on this blog.

Other artists -- including one trained in journalism -- have suggested that I just ignore Michael. I'm sorry to do that -- because he's contributing so much to the Arts in Tucson -- but I think his demands are just "over the top."