Monday, February 29, 2016

Mexico City is mural heaven!

Many thanks to David Aber for taking over while I spent most of February in Mexico. Since I'd only barely crossed the border in the past years to visit my dentist in Nogales (if you want a good dentist, just ask! :) my trip into central Mexico amazed me. There's street art (and other kinds of art) everywhere.

As I write from time to time: This is the Tucson Murals Project, but once in a while (such as Randy's post from Baghdad) we like to spread stories of murals around the world. Here's one from my time in Mexico — at the Garibaldi Metro (subway) stop, I think:

It shows Metro riders. The mural has more visual art around its edges, and urban/rap-type music (in Spanish, of course) plays in the background. It's typical of what I came to discover in the Mexican cities I visited: what seemed like much more appreciation for the Arts than in some places. (Let's please pull for even more Tucson art… and cooperation between artist groups and government… OK, off of my soapbox. :)

Next time, back to another of David's mural photos! I'll continue in March with an incredible number of murals at a high school I spotted while I was searching for my way out of a dead-end street.

P.S. I hope you enjoy your extra day (February 29th). How about some mural-watching? By the way, Dave is busy updating the mural map. It's one of the links you'll find on the murals page.

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