Monday, August 08, 2016

Learning Bee lost and (re-)found

Back in March, 2011, we posted 22nd and the world with a couple of photos of murals at Learning Bee Preschool & Daycare. The photos didn't show some signage, along 22nd west of Longfellow, that was basically just advertising.

Fast-forward to July, 2016. I did some hunting with Google Street View — which is a great tool for finding older murals, by the way — and found that, back on February 2008, there was a mural lining that same wall along 22nd. (Click there to see it. The mural is fuzzy if you zoom in enough to try to see detail.) Learning Bee's owners obviously support mural art… and keep changing it, too. Another Google Street View photo, below, shows it in April 2016:

(You can also see that in a bigger window by clicking on: Google Street View from April 2016.)

Notice the blank wall at the right side, running north on Longfellow? It was blank in April 2016. When I drove by on June 26th of this year, the Longfellow wall had been newly painted. Because it's a long, low wall, I'll show it in two halves: first the south part (closest to 22nd) and then the north part:

For more murals from Learning Bee, stay tuned to this blog!

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