Friday, January 20, 2017

Cavett Elementary

Lilian Cavett Elementary School, home of the Eagles.  See Cavett for exterior murals.  The following interior murals were photographed on 09/20/2016.
Murals are not open to the public without permission.
In Memory of Kamarra Banks by Artists Joan Arnold and Bill Collins.

Painting in the school library by Artist Joan Arnold.
Quote by Crystal Kuykendall

Painted by Artist Joan Arnold with quote from Martin Luther King.

Lead Artist was David Tineo.  Team Artists were Barbara Gonzales and Joan Arnold.   Tom Bandario was the Visiting Artist.  Many students assisted in the project.
Click on any photo for larger and sharper images.

Update (February 11, 2017): Here's a photo that Jerry Peek took of the previous mural from the left end. It gives a good idea of the length! (The hallway isn't very wide. The panorama above was stitched from a series of individual photos.)

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