Friday, January 06, 2017

Pueblo Gardens Elementary

A long mural is across the street from Pueblo Gardens Elementary.  The school is located at 2210 E. 33rd St.  This street becomes E. Menor Stravenue at S. Wilson Ave.  The Mural is along the 2300 block of E. Menor Stravenue between the 2200 blocks of S. Wilson Ave. and S. Amigo Ave.  The artist is Porter McDonald with assistance from the Living Streets Alliance.  The Arizona Daily Star had a nice article about the project on Nov. 20.  See ADS

The first photo is the complete mural.  Clicking on the photo to enlarge it will not do it justice. Therefore, here is a link to a larger image on Flickr that you can enlarge even further and make scrollable by clicking on the Flickr photo. Pueblo Gardens FLICKR Photo
Following the complete mural are the individual panels.  They are then followed by student artwork.

Full Mural

Panel 1 of 5 (check out the passenger)

Panel 2 of 5

Panel 3 of 5

Panel 4 of 5

Panel 5 of 5

Another view of the entire mural.

Add some paint to the crosswalk.

Let's paint the sidewalk too.
(Please don't report the photographer's illegally parked car)

Add Kermit's girlfriend.

Don't forget the intersection.

And here's another intersection to paint.
As usual, clicking on any of the photos will result in a slide show of larger and sharper images.

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