Monday, June 26, 2017

Pachanga (Murals being made, part 47b)

Pachanga is Spanish slang for paarty!  And a party is what was had on Friday, June 23rd to celebrate the completion of the "Talking Mural".  There was a car show, good music, plenty of food and drink, and, of course, the mural.  Lots of photographs by amateurs and professionals alike.  Here are some samples by David Aber:
1948 Plymouth Special DeLuxe
Catering Truck
Most came in cars but some on bicycles with children.
Plenty of food and drink for everyone.
One of two pairs of videographers and techs. from Arizona Public Media (PBS & NPR).
Drone w/camera hovering over the mural and festivities.
Johanna Martinez and Alex Jimenez speaking to the crowd.  Mamta Popat from the ADS.

And last, but certainly not least, we have Jerry Peek's photos taken earlier in the day of the star of the Pachanga, the mural itself.
"The Talking Mural"
Translation: El Sur is south and La Doce is twelve.  Thus S. 12th Ave.
Raspados being made at Oasis Fruit Cones
Los Amigos Meat Market
Incident at Arizona Palms Tinting
Arizona Palms Tinting
Rafael's Tire Shop
Alejandro's Tortilla Factory
Temporary poster listing the S. 12th Ave. businesses depicted in the mural and instructions for listening to the interviews (by scanning QR codes next to business names with the reader in your smartphone).  If you aren't at the mural or don't have a QR scanner, you can also go to to see photos, stories and hear those same interviews (currently, a link straight to the list of businesses and photos is Older businesses with interesting signs were selected. (This photo is David's, during the Pachanga).
 As usual click on any photo for a slide show of larger and sharper images.

You can see the beginning of the mural at The Talking Mural (Murals being made, part 47a).

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