Friday, March 01, 2019

Murals being (un-)made, Part 30d

Remember that? It was the right end of the long-running mural — and, as it turns out, the long-running mural story that started back on November 9, 2015 with our blog entry Murals being made, part 30a.

Almost four years after I took the first photos showing artist Jason Cross, I drove along that familiar stretch of Alvernon and noticed that my right-side window seemed a lot less colorful. I went around the block and came back for a slower look. Yup, that was the same wall shape (with the unusual two-story-high right end), but it was a chocolate brown. So I came back another day to grab a photo from the median strip. (I walked across!)

I've met the homeowner before. I'm not sure there's a happy end to this story, but I'll try to go by sometime and ask. If it's printable :-/ you'll see an update below.

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