Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Murals in Montevideo

I like to travel, and I like murals. Since you're reading this, you probably like murals too — even if they aren't in Tucson. So here's a look at a few murals in the creative city of Montevideo, Uruguay. The streets have a lot of graffiti; some of it I'd call urban art and others, well, tagging…

A wise owl next to the entrance of
Centro Residentes de Artigas, San Jose 885

Ostriches, I think, along Juan Carlos Gómez
seen from the corner of Piedras

A Cutcsa bus

Recycling bins painted in the style of
the late Uruguayan artist José Gurvich

Tango dancers, what else? (Tango started here.)

I took the photos July 25th.

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