Friday, January 10, 2020

Tucson High murals revisited, part 1

May 20, 2009, we posted a couple of photos of a mural along 8th Street, just west of Euclid. Back then, the blog didn't always show all of a mural or set of murals… instead, we'd show a couple and hope that you'd visit in person. With hindsight, I've realized that it's good to show everything — if only because the mural might be gone some day.

When I saw a new mural on Euclid just north of 8th, I thought back to the entry ten years ago and wondered if we'd covered everything. Not even close! Before I took those photos, there were four sections of murals being made along that stretch of 8th. Here's a Google Street View from January, 2008, looking west from Euclid along 8th:

So I went back on November 29, 2019, to photograph whatever was there now. There's a lot! Let's start with a view from the west end, along 8th, looking toward Euclid:

The first mural, at the left (west) end:

The second mural, then a closeup of its top left corner:

The third mural and its left side:

And the fourth mural (at the right end) and its left center:

Next time, we'll go around the corner to a new mural along Euclid.

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