Friday, May 01, 2020

Playing, and living, together

On the 5th Avenue side of the Playground Bar & Lounge is that new mural by Jessica Gonzales. In case you're seeing this blog entry years from now: The mural is for Tucsonans who are pulling together to get through the huge disruptions at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Can you guess what each letter symbolizes? David Aber, who told me about the mural, wrote:
A local property group is using art to remind the community we are in this together during the coronavirus crisis. “LoveBlock Partners” commissioned a mural in downtown Tucson by local artist Jessica Gonzales. … The mural includes typography from different iconic businesses to highlight a united community. “So the T is from the ‘Old Tucson’ sign, the O from the ‘Fox Theater’, the G is from ‘Hotel Congress’, the [first] E is from ‘Eegees’,” said Gonzales.
I'll add some guesses: The H has an ice cream cone from ‘The Hub Ice Creamery’, the T is the saguaro neon sculpture on Oracle Road, the second E is from Ben's Bells ‘Be Kind’ (like the mural at City High School) and the R is from the ‘Rialto Theatre’. If you know what the G is from, please leave a comment below (you can be anonymous).

Here are closeups of the top right and bottom right corners:

I took the photos on April 24th.

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