Tuesday, June 09, 2020

Superior murals

Although this blog is about Tucson murals, from time to time I show murals out of town. On April 4th, I drove north on Oracle Road, Highway 77, looking for wildflowers. I took the turn onto at Hayden, Highway 177, and headed for Superior. This town has done what a lot of others have: decorated their downtown with murals.

Here's a tour along Main Street starting from the corner of Lobby Avenue, heading east along the south side of the street, then west along the north side of Main.

A closeup of the S in the mural above:

The left end of the mural above:

The left end of the mural above, along a ramp that leads up to the door:

Here's the mural that's half-hidden behind a tree in the photo above:

For some reason, Blogger wouldn't let me make a link to a map at the end of this blog entry. So here's a Google Map showing Superior (Tucson is off the bottom edge):

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