Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Can they squeeze in more murals?

Driving through the Menlo Park neighborhood in July, 2016, you might have noticed this home on Fresno Street with a few bits of art:

When Mark Fleming drove by less than a year later, the home had sprouted portraits of (people I think are all) entertainers: Music murals around the house. (Click there to see the blog entry, use your “Back’ button to return.)

I was in the neighborhood May 9th of this year… and wow!

I'm guessing that the homeowner is still an artist. The guitar next to the front door in Mark's photos is gone. Here are the east (first) and west sides of the front of the house:

I forgot to check the driveway side (to the right of the second photo above). I'll have to go back, anyway, to see what's changed in the future! Stay tuned.

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