Monday, March 20, 2017

Music murals around the house

This home has murals of musicians. It's at 1121 West Fresno Street; Google wouldn't let me search for the location.

By the front door is a guitar made of iron. I grabbed this fragment from one of the photos you'll see below: the man holding what looks like a slice of bread (a sandwich?) with a bite out of the top. The bread has the caption "Yours truly Jack Smith" that's mentioned below.
Mark Fleming has contributed a number of photos to this blog. He sent these on March 5th (which is the same day his camera data says he took them). He wrote:

On West Fresno Street between Grande and Westmoreland, [this is a] private home, [we got] owner's permission. The murals can be seen from the street.

We asked permission to post on [this blog]; he said yes, we offered our names he did not reciprocate. One of the murals reads "Yours truly Jack Smith."

He's an oil painter and only does murals on his own home.

Let's see that mural and the other four:

Thanks a lot, Mark, and welcome back to the blog!

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