Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Endangered mural on Pima Street

As I was looking through the artists in this year's Open Studios Tour (from Arts Foundation for Tucson and Southern Arizona), I saw a mural in Jenna Tomasello's listing. I wrote to ask where the mural is, since the number on the mural is 5630 but the Tucson Acupuncture Co-op is at 204 East Fort Lowell. She wrote that it was on a former building of theirs on Pima Street, that they were going to have their handyman paint over the lettering but were planning to keep the sunset portion. When I stopped by on December 9th, the whole mural was there, but parts of “ACUPUNCTURE CO-OP” were partly covered by an “AVAILABLE” sign. So I asked Jenna if I could publish her photo from her OST web page. Here it is, followed by the new sign toward the right edge of the lettering:
(Yes, the right wall of the building isn't straight; it's like little stairsteps.)

She signed the mural at the lower right:
Thanks, Jenna, for the mural and for the photo!

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