Friday, December 04, 2020

Quincie Douglas Center ten years later

At the corner of Kino Parkway and 36th Street is a recreation complex named for Quincie Bell Douglas:
I found her biography and a photo in The Douglas Archives. She was born in Oklahoma Indian Territory in 1905, moved to Tucson in 1933, and died in 1986. Also:
Quincie Douglas became active in the Model Cities program that brought neighborhood centers, sidewalks, street lights. and neighborhood food programs to the poorer sections of Tucson. Her major accomplishment in Tucson was the Low Income Free Transportation Service (LIFTS) program that is still in operation today.
You can see a LIFTS van in the mural above. The mural is outside the library entrance. This plaque is underneath:
I visited in 2010 when there wasn't as much art. If you'd like to jump back, click on Quincie Douglas Center.

Before I checked out the other art nearby, I looked out back to see if there was any there. I found the sign for the garden:
There are two benches outside the recreation center. The first one is along the walkway between the library and rec center entrance:
Here are closeups, left to right:
(As always, you can click on a photo for a slideshow of larger images.)

The other bench is near the entrance to the recreation center:
Again, from left to right:
There's another mural, dedicated to the Buffalo Soldiers, to the left of the rec center entrance (there were a couple of glare spots):
And the plaque underneath:
I visited on June 3rd.

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