Thursday, March 04, 2021

Roses & More is no more

Years ago, Tucson had three Roses & More stores, each with a mural by Chris Andrews. The first two closed years ago, but the location at the northeast corner of Speedway & Craycroft stayed open for years more. The Speedway side looked like this:
Chris texted me yesterday (March 3rd) to say that the building had been reduced to rubble. I drove right over, hoping to catch some photos before the rubble was gone.
The only part of the murals I could see was the end of a wall:
The store is re-opening soon in a shopping center at 6170 East Speedway. I'm guessing that there's no room for murals.

Update: BG Boyd Photo kindly sent aerial photos of the building before it was destroyed:
The mural also appears at 2:42 into BG's aerial mural video:

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Mike Whitworth said...

A small group of us check out murals every Sunday. We caught the Roses mural several weeks ago before the building was torn down. Wow. Just in was awesome.

Love your blog and the map is awesome!