Tuesday, May 07, 2019

More Roses & More photos from Chris Andrews

I met with muralist Chris Andrews in February. He's been painting murals in Tucson for quite a while, but this blog didn't have photos of many. Chris gave me copies of quite a few more. I'm aiming to post some of those once a week or so.

He painted murals on all three locations of Roses & More. Now only one location is open. Let's start with it:

5501 East Speedway

This blog's entry, Blooming with murals, shows the building and its sign on August 18, 2010. (You can click there to see it; use your browser's "Back" button to come back.) Here's a photo of the west side from Chris. The photo showed a bit of the roof along the wouth side of the building. The hidden camera data shows that it was taken on June 16, 2003 … though sometimes camera clocks aren't set correctly; Chris suspects that he painted it around 2008):

380 West Grant

This blog has some faded photos taken February 22, 2011 in the entry (More) Roses & More. These two from Chris have a lot more color. The first shows the whole building from the intersection with Oracle; the camera data says that it was taken September 16, 2016, but I wonder if the actual date is a lot earlier? The next shows the west end of the south wall, date unknown:

2510 East Broadway

By the times I snapped photos of this building — the north wall posted May 30, 2009 (I didn't write the photo date) and the west wall snapped on August 28, 2011 — the murals were faded and most of the paint had come off of the roof. This photo from Chris, camera-dated December 3, 2002, shows the north side in bright color:

Here's the first of many thank-yous to Chris for helping to bring back the past.

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