Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Both sides of this mural magnet on Toole

The building that spans the addresses 191-197 E. Toole in downtown Tucson has had many different murals over the years… you can see a number of them by clicking the links in our page “Layers of murals: histories of a few walls.”: Northwest side of 191 East Toole and East side of 197 East Toole. BG Boyd took photos of both ends — 191 and 197 — at the end of May, 2021. Here are his photos of 191, then 197:
The second photo is a panorama, stitched together from several shots. (As always, you can click on a photo for a larger view.) We'll see more of his photos one week from today.

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David Sewell said...

I hope someone will touch up the Joe Pagac side of the mural. A photo I took of it about three years ago has been my Mac desktop picture since then--more blank patches now than there were.