Friday, April 22, 2022

Falling saguaro!

On March 4, trying to avoid construction on Broadway, I drove a few blocks south on Plumer Avenue and spotted this mural:
The artist was Rock “Cyfi” Martinez.

Here's the north side of the building (the right side of the photo above):
Notice the blossoms on the right-side roller door that have popped off.

He signed the mural at the top right corner of the north side:
Cyfi has painted a lot of different styles over the years. (To see them, here are posts labeled with Rock "CyFi" Martinez. That link opens in a new window or tab.) If I'm right, this style — with a white background — is new to Tucson. Another mural like this is at Goodwill Industries Headquarters.

Update: Google Maps Street View shows that the mural was there as early as January 2021. So maybe this “style” of Cyfi’s isn't that new…

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Claire said...

Google street view shows a different mural.