Friday, April 01, 2022

A new long mural along Prince (Murals being made, part 68)

For years, a long mural east of Amphi Middle School has been fading in the strong southern sun. Joe Pagac started painting a new mural in late 2021 and finished it in 2022:
The mural used to look like this (the photo is from our December 21, 2009 post, A long mural along Prince, which also has closer shots):
I found out that the mural was being repainted in Joe's Facebook post on November 9, 2021:

I stopped by on December 18, 2021, hoping to catch the mural in progress. I did:
I snapped close-up photos of the mural from left (west) to right (east). Those pictures are below, the first of each pair of photos. I came back on February 21, 2022 to snap pictures of the completed mural. Those are the second of each pair below:

(In case you haven't figured it out by now, the school's mascot is a pirate.)

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