Wednesday, April 03, 2024

Field of (Mural) Dreams, part 2 of 3

In part 1 of this series — Monday, April 1 — I posted photos of murals along fences northwest of Taqueria Pico de Gallo. Today, photos of an area along 36th Street, just west of 6th Avenue, that's repainted often. We've shown photos twice before. One was November 2, 2021, in Graffiti mural gallery in South Tucson. The other was April 29, 2022, in Mural gallery repainted during BBQ. Here's what I found on December 16, 2023.

As in the part 1 post, I don't have enough time to do my usual careful editing. (I'm saving time to fix the spectacular “alphabet murals” photos you'll see next time in part 3.) Apologies for the tilted lines and other distracting stuff!

These photos start at the east end of the murals, not far from 6th Avenue. The last photo is at the west end, where 36th Avenue ends; it's just north of the last photo in part 1. There's a map at the end of this post showing where murals in each of the three parts of this series are located.

The map below shows where the murals in each of the three posts (parts 1 through 3) are located. Today's group is along the V-shaped line near the middle of the map. You can click on this (or any other image) for a slideshow of bigger views.
By the way, if you're in a car, 36th Street ends for a short distance not far west of 6th Avenue. You might want to park on this short stretch of 36th and walk — instead of trying to drive all the way around to the next stretch of 36th by the part 3 murals.

Next time: Part 3 of 3, the “alphabet murals.”

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