Tuesday, November 02, 2021

Graffiti mural gallery in South Tucson

On June 30th, when I was hunting for murals in South Tucson, I came across a long wall lined with graffiti murals on both sides. The murals don't have an exact address, but they're south of a spot that Bing Maps calls 80 W. 36th Street. (For a Google map, click the "Location" link at the end of this post. If you choose a satellite view, you'll see a faint narrow wall running diagonally, northwest to southeast.)

First, here's a long shot of the northeast side. Next, the northeast side from the southeast end (in the distance in the long shot below) to the northwest end (at the right edge of the long shot). If all those directions are too confusing, why not just scroll down and enjoy? :)
Now a long shot of the southwest side from the northwest end, followed by each mural from northwest to southeast:

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