Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Murals being made, part 80: Canyon Restoration

A former Allstate insurance office became Canyon Restoration — probably sometime last year. (The business isn't restoration for canyons. They repair things like water damage.) The formerly boring white building now has a big mural, and a couple of small ones, by Alejandra Trujillo.

Let's start with the building on April 2, 2024. At the end, we'll show photos of the painting in progress and also the building before the mural.
The photo above shows the north wall, along Bellevue Street, with a big mural. At the top left is a former Allstate sign that the artist turned into a mural:
Two more closeups, from left to right… the first one is followed by a cropped version showing the artist's signature:

As you can see in the closeup above, this might have been an interesting job for Alejandra because because the back (west) side of the building is a lot lower than the front (east) side.

Here's the front (east) side with an former Allstate sign that's now a little mural:

Next, the mural in progress on February 13, 2024:
As always, to see more detail, click on the photo above.

This Google Maps Street view from April 2023 shows a Canyon Restoration sign on the east side and an Allstate sign on the north side:

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