Saturday, August 19, 2006

Just a little off the top...Oops! I've got a helmet on.....

Is there a title for World's Smallest Barbershop? I'm not sure. However, the Tucson barbershop bearing these murals is about the size of your average SUV.

Nonetheless, you will find said barbershop and military murals at 5321 E. Speedway. Here are the directions from Interstate 10. Keep in mind, you can't take a photo of it without bothering the business adjacent to the murals. It's a place that sells vehicles. If they ask what you're doing, simply tell them you're looking for something about the size of the barbershop, but with better hair mileage.

Update (October 17, 2014): A page on titled Iwo Jima says the muralist was Paul Lira.

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