Friday, August 18, 2006

Windows & A Gateway

There are a series of murals on Broadway Boulevard at Barraza-Aviation Parkway in downtown Tucson. Here are directions to the murals from Interstate 10.

Created by Stephen Farley, they're titled,

"Windows to the Past, Gateway to the Future."

Now this can be a VERY busy intersection so save your rubbernecking for the red light. Your car should not become part of the artwork, if you know what I mean.

By the way, Stephanie from Tucson wrote the following e-mail about this mural.

"The artwork that's titled 'Windows and a Gateway' should have the men that made the artwork right along with the artist, because the tilework is indeed art of its own. Tile Canvases hand glazed each piece of tile that you see downtown on that mural. And they continue to repair them on a regular basis whenever they get damaged. So, hats off also to Rick Young and Tom Galloway from Tile Canvases on a great piece of art!"

Update (April 1, 2007): The page Windows to The Past, Gateway to The Future has a link that shows photos of the 14 main panels.

Update (May 12, 2012): An Arizona Daily Star article, Life stories: Tucsonan immortalized on mural, tells the story of Gail Fafard and the panel showing her with two friends in the mid-1940s.

Update (June 27, 2022): KGUN9 TV broadcast a video interview 3:49 long with artist Steve Farley. The online version includes more information and photos.

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