Monday, December 21, 2009

A long mural along Prince

My camera couldn't capture all of this lonngggg mural between a parking lot and the fields at Amphi Middle School. It's across the street from 332 E. Prince.

Update (July 28, 2019): The mural style, and that fact that it's at a school, makes me think that it was created by muralist David Tineo with help from students.

Update (March 14, 2022): The photo above doesn't show much of the mural in detail. Today I realized that Google Street View might have the whole mural. Sure enough, it does. Here are two views from March 2011:

Update (April 1, 2022): Joe Pagac has replaced the mural. Today's post A new long mural along Prince (Murals being made, part 68) has close-ups of the mural in progress and finished.

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