Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Some of Stone's many murals: #1

At first glance, Stone Avenue north of downtown doesn't look like a great place for a stroll. But, as Randy pointed out recently, it has a lot of murals! Art lovers, click on the map links in the posts on this blog, park in one of the handy vacant lots or on a side street, and check out the murals.

(The parallel side streets — 6th, 7tn, and Estrella — are better choices for bicycling. There are murals to see here, too! Zig-zag over to Stone on a connecting street to catch the murals there.)

This one is on the south wall of Artemis Design, 2943 N. Stone.

Update (May 7, 2012): The north side has a mural, too.

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