Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Some of Stone's many murals: #4

As I was saying, you wouldn't expect to find many scenic spots on North Stone Avenue. Tucked away in back of Desert Sun Auto Center, though — at 2933 N. Stone — are these two dreamy scenes:

For a list all of the murals we've found on Stone (so far), check the table of murals — or try the search box in the right column of this blog.


Anonymous said...

Jerry--I like these first two a lot and look forward to exploring the rest. What kind of house is in the scene to the left? Maybe Balinese . . . -Lesley B.

Jerry Peek said...

I'm not sure, Lesley. Like so many murals, this one wasn't identified: no artist name, no title. Bali... why not? (It doesn't remind me of places I've been in the Pacific, like New Zealand's North Island or Micronesia.)

The next time I'm on North Stone, I'll try to find the business owner and ask.