Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mission View (or Mural View?) Elementary

Miasion View Elementary, on 37th Street at 8th Avenue in South Tucson, is a good spot for mural lovers. You'll find three of them in the half block west of 8th Avenue:

Update (October 8, 2015): There's another mural along the west side.

Update (July 3, 2024): Today's post Mission View Elementary blasts off shows the same building on the west side, but with a new mural. Also, the July 1, 2024 post "Mural View Elementary" is a better name shows the three murals photographed above — and others too.

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Ruben Urrea Moreno said...

Great blog! Thanks for this, it's awesome! The one in the middle is one I orchestrated back in 1994.