Thursday, March 31, 2011

Murals being made, part 1

Barrio Centro (Tucson's Central Neighborhood — which is roughly in the area west of Country Club, south of 22nd, and north of Aviation) has been planning a mural for quite a while. This Saturday, April 2nd, from 10 am to 2 pm is a paint day to add color to the outlines already on the wall — on the east side of the Lucky Wishbone restaurant, 2712 E. 22nd.

I shot these photos this afternoon. In the first one, above — at the north end of the mural — you can see numbers that tell painters which color to use in each spot. (To get a larger view, click on it; click your "Back" button to return here.) The two below — near the south end — don't have numbers, but they do have outlines and some color.

There's more info on the Ward 5 news and the Barrio Centro Neighborhood Mural blog.

Update (April 6, 2011): I rode by the mural this morning. I don't think the painting work is quite finished yet, but what a difference!

Update (April 21, 2011): The AZ Public Media story Beautifying Barrio Centro shows artists painting and has interviews with neighbors who've lived in Barrio Centro for a long time.

Update (June 19, 2011): The mural unveiling was yesterday.

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