Saturday, August 27, 2011

Goodbye to one Tineo mural...

If you've lived in Tucson for at least a year (or seen this blog), you knew the mural that Tucsonan David Tineo painted (with others) along the main patio at the Tucson Museum of Art. It wasn't supposed to be there for years and years, but people loved it and it stayed... until last December, when it was falling apart from years of weather. The museum held a despedida to say "goodbye mural, hello again concrete wall." The story was Adios para siempre... posted here last December 1.

Since he painted it, eyesight problems made David announce that he wouldn't paint more... but he's back again! His newest neighborhood mural will be dedicated tonight, at Mountain & Hedrick... see Celebrate the new mural on August 27!.

I was the Museum's event photographer back then, so I caught lots of photos of David and the crowd that came to talk with him (families, especially kids, are important to him) — before the mural was cut into sections and sold to benefit the Museum School.

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