Saturday, August 13, 2011

More murals!

My backlog of mural photos that aren't on the blog is up to nearly 300, and I'm still posting ones from last year. So I'll try a couple of new things:

First, as you may have noticed in the past week, I'm posting to this blog every day. (I actually write a batch of posts and have them scheduled to appear one per day.) I'll need to make the posts simpler to save time. But you should have a(n almost-) fresh Tucson mural to enjoy here every day.

Second, all of the murals I haven't posted here yet (and a few I have) are now on in a new "unpublished murals" area. The photos haven't been edited. They're partly for mural-hunters who're wondering if there's a photo of a particular mural yet. But they're also for mural lovers to browse through. I'd be glad to get your feedback (though please read the instructions first if a problem you've noticed might be covered there). Add a comment below or send me some e-mail. All of that said, here's a link to the unpublished murals:

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