Thursday, August 04, 2011

Maybe a mural, part 16

A tile or two in spots around a stucco wall can look nice, but I wouldn't say they make a “mural.” If there's a variety of tiles around everything, I think a wall might slide over into the ‘maybe’ category. What do you think about this one?

It was at Another Man's Treasure, 2601 E. Grant, last November 25.


Unknown said...

Ha! Never even considered the front of our building to be a mural. My in-laws bought the building in 1985, and inside, they did all the tile work themselves and since my mother in law likes to do mosaic pieces, she decided to put some flowers (cause she likes flowers too) on the front of the building. In April of 2015, they retired and sold the business to my husband and I. The poor old building is in desperate need of a face lift. I am working with a local artist to do just that, so hopefully you stay tuned for the "after" to your "before". :-)

Jerry Peek said...

Thanks for keeping all of us up to date, Jennifer!