Thursday, April 19, 2012

Park Place Chalk Art Festival revisited

Last Sunday, I made a quick visit to see the artists drawing at the Park Place Chalk Art Festival. Then, on Tuesday, I came by on my bicycle around 7:30 AM to see the finished works. There were just a few people around, so (I realized after a few minutes) I could lay down the chain barriers around the bigger works to get better photos.

I'll start with the bigger works along the north side of the mall — and give each artist's name after their work:

Susan Kay Johnson

Audra Cobelis

Cindy Guare

Joshua Woodhall

Katy May Goodson

Jose Ignacio Garcia

Chris Leon (too wide for my camera, so I snapped it in three sections)

Matt Cotten

Martin Quintanilla

Toward the west end were smaller works — mostly, I think, by kids and others who just walked up and started to draw. There were hundreds of them! Here are three that caught my eye:

The long walkway to the mall entrance...

...and a 12-minute HD video. I took it as I walked along the rows of murals above. (If you can't play it from the window below, you can try opening the video directly from YouTube.)

Update (April 11, 2013): The first of three pages of photos of the 2013 Festival are here: Park Place Chalk Art Festival, part 1 of 3.

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Warren said...

thanks for sharing your pictures of this event, I had hoped to drop by to see it but ran out of time. Pretty amazing what they can do with chalk!