Thursday, April 12, 2012

A peacock and (much) more, part 2

Tuesday's post showed a forest scene, including a peacock, on a wall wrapped around a Tucson home. Today's post is from Reid Park. Here's the peacock in front of the Zoo entrance. Titled Pavo cristatus (the scientific name — appropriate for a zoo, eh?) it's © 2003 by Nina Borgia-Aberle and Stephen Grede. I waited in line to take my photo while kids sat on the peacock and their parents snapped shots. It might not exactly be a mural (the feathers count; the head probably doesn't) but it's part of the public-art scene in this central Tucson park.

Across the way, the Edith Ball Adaptive Recreation Center has ceramic murals — and a very fun ceramic non-mural near the pool. Let's start with the shelter along the road, just east of the building entrance:

The plaque at the left side has the mural’s text in Spanish and Braille:

Inside, around a drinking fountain, is Tranquilidad en el agua / Calmness in the water, by Nina Borgia-Aberle in 2004:

As you walk into the locker rooms, you'll see The ocean’s garden / El jardin del oceano, by Nina Borgia-Aberle & Stephen Grede in 2004. (As always, you can click on that plaque for a larger view.) Here's the mural overall...

...and each panel closer-up:

This sculpture by the pool definitely isn't a mural, but I couldn't leave it out. I didn't catch its name or the artist name(s). I just found the web page What's the difference between a crocodile and an alligator? and decided that it's a dancing... crocodile. (If you know more, please send me an email or leave a comment below.)

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