Saturday, September 15, 2012

Community Chalkboard

Yesterday I saw a story on KVOA-TV about the new Community Chalkboard. (Actually, @DowntownTucson tweeted about it.) I couldn't wait; I headed straight for the corner of Arizona Avenue and Congress to check it out:

(And the artist doesn't have two right arms! I set my camera on the mode that takes two exposures — one for the bright areas and another for the dark — and averages them. His hand was moving so fast that the two exposures caught it in different places. By the way, if you have a fairly new camera, check for that mode. It's great in scenes with a wide variety of brightness.)

The chalkboard is 40 feet long, and chalk is supplied. Since it's cleaned often, it's like a constantly-evolving mural. Thanks to David Aguirre for another creative downtown art project.

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