Thursday, September 06, 2012

Sunrise Drive Elementary

As I rode by on March 16, and glanced up the hill, something told me to take the ride up and see if the school had murals. (Schools are a good place to find murals.) Sure enough, the entrance (5301 East Sunrise Drive) was lined with mosaic murals.

This first mural is by the office door: “The Great Kapok Tree: Sunrise Drive Elementary Celebrates the Rainforest. 5th Grade Legacy 2006.”

In open space next to the office is this colorful scene:

First along the parking lot is the long mural shown above. To the left is a closeup I took of the “5th Grade Legacy” sign in the middle. (As always, you can click on either to get an even larger view.)

More murals along the parking lot:

And next to the classrooms are (surprise!) more murals:

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