Saturday, August 31, 2013

More of the Murals by Jos at Good Ole Tom's

Back on April 26, I posted photos of Jos Villabrille’s work in progress (and a couple of Jos doing the work) at the new Good Ole Tom’s location just east of Wilmot on Broadway.

One week ago (August 24), Mark Fleming sent his photos of this gorgeous building. As always, Mark: Thanks from me and from everyone who enjoys this blog.

Let's see them! First, though, I'll re-post my photo of the front of the store back in April.

Front (south wall)

Back (north wall)

East wall

This first photo shows the front (left side) of the east wall. The second photo shows the rest of it:

West wall

I don't have a good overall photo of the west wall, but I can tell that some of these photos are from there. If you notice that any of the others below belong to a different wall, please send me email so I can move them. (Thanks!)

One more detail...

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David Aber said...

The building was just recently razed.