Monday, September 02, 2013

Monet's Muse

As you can read in the first entry on my new blog Tucson’s Pocket Parks, there's a gorgeous mosaic mural around the outdoor dining area at Café à la C’Art. (That's the restaurant on one side of the Tucson Museum of Art grounds, the former first Janos restaurant in Tucson. It's gorgeous inside, too, but we don't show photos of art that isn't open to the public.)

The restaurant was closed when I took these photos on January 16th, and plants were covered against the cold. I'll show these in no particular order... except a plaque with the name of the work and the artist (Monet's Muse by Kathleen Spain, 2010) at the very end.

(And two notes about the quality of the photos: The first photo — of the sculpture — has some perspective distortion; the base of the sculpture isn't tilting “downhill” as it looks here. Most of the photos were taken in open shade during the winter; I've tried to fix the color, but a lot of the color isn't very accurate... so, you'll need to stop by and see this work with your own eyes! :)

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Red Maceta said...

I love it!