Monday, September 09, 2013

Newer near Playground

Back in April, Mark Fleming sent photos of two murals at 272-274 E. Congress by Joe Pagac. On July 20 — according to the data in the photo file, that is — Mark took photos of two different murals in the same spot. The first, between two pillars (walls?) numbered 274 and 272, is titled (in Mark's photo name, at least) A Thing Like Congress St. Doesn't Just Happen Overnight:

Here's the second, just east of the one above:

As you can see (thanks to Mark), the second is by Joe as well as Wendy Van Leuveren.

These are just down Congress from the little park at Congress & Scott (which is the second post on my new Tucson's Pocket Parks blog).

Update (September 29, 2016): I'm sad to write that Wendy Van Leuveren passed away recently. The Tucson Weekly article Remembering Wendy has details (note that some are disturbing).

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