Monday, February 02, 2015

A treat on Treat... and more to come

There are arroyos/washes all across Tucson. At least a few have murals on concrete walls along their banks. (Two of them are Beautiful Bronx Wash and Whatta wash!.) I found two more wash murals last week:
They're where the Treat Walkway crosses Arroyo Chico (click there for a Google Map). In case you haven't been there: Treat Avenue becomes a walkway for a few blocks between Broadway and 22nd. It's a pleasant spot just west of Reid Park. Here's the bridge:
A bit farther west on Arroyo Chico (the road) — on the south side road (from Tucson Blvd., turn east) — don't miss Malvern Plaza. Click there to see photos and more description. (That article is part of the Tucson's Pocket Parks blog.)

And coming soon to the neighborhood: mosaics along the Treat Walkway. That link takes you to a Tucson Arts Brigade Facebook page.

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