Thursday, February 19, 2015

More from Central City Assembly

Last time, we showed Jeane Cohen's new mural in progress at Central City Assembly.

Thanks to Tucson Arts Brigade, CCA has several other murals (with more to come). Here they are, as of February 11th. First, three murals on the wall that wraps around a dumpster by the parking lot — on the west, south and east sides:

(I had to photograph the second mural from the other side of a fence. The spots at the bottom right corner of the third mural are flare caused by the sun hitting my camera lens.)

On the east wall, behind a fence (you may need to ask someone to let you in) is a long three-part mural. When I was there, some things were on the ground in front of the mural; I had to shoot around them. You can see the left two parts of the mural in a photo from Tucson Arts Brigade on Facebook.

First, the center part of the mural with the left end in the background. Next, the left end. Last, the right end:

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