Thursday, August 27, 2015

"A" Mountain, Paul Bunyan, a flying VW bus, ...

This mural must have a story behind it... but the high fence topped by three strands of barbed wire, and the guard dogs behind it, made me decide not to try to find out. The building doesn't seem to have a number, though Google Maps told me 2735 North Stone when I clicked on the building. It's the next building south of Tommy's Food and Drink, which is at 2747... I pulled into their parking lot on April 12th to take this photo:

The mural is full of Tucson icons, as well as (mostly) old Volkswagen cars and "buses" (the classic VW camper wagons). (Click on the photo for a larger view and have a look for yourself.)

All of the VWs in the mural reminded me that the business across the street, and just north — at the southeast corner of Glenn & Stone — used to be called Uncle Bob's VW Repair. (Then it was Uncle Bob's Used Cars.) Is there a connection? Hmmm. (Our photos of the murals on that corner are on August 18, 2008... March 11, 2010... and May 3, 2012.) I'll aim to stop by the office at Uncle Bob's and ask.

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