Tuesday, August 18, 2015

AZ Daily Star: Chris Pratt's mural (in WA state)

Yesterday, Google Alerts sent me email about a story in the Arizona Daily Star with the word “mural” in it. I jumped on it, of course. :) The story was about how a mural in a small Washington town's restaurant had helped bring business in — especially when the story hit social media. Here’s the article:

Cuddle parties; Quidditch in the park; Chris Pratt's mural

When Randy Garsee started this blog almost ten years ago, he had a policy of only showing murals that anyone could see, for free. That especially means: no murals in people's homes and back yards. It also includes restaurants… although people can go into a restaurant without paying, maybe Randy thought sending people in to see a mural wasn't kind to owners or people dining there?

After reading the article, though, I wonder if it wouldn’t be a good idea to promote business owners’ support of muralists — and blog readers’ enjoyment — by showing murals in restaurants (and other businesses, too?). I'd only do that with the business owner’s OK, of course.

If you have any thoughts about that, please leave a comment below. (You can remain anonymous if you’d like to.) Thanks.

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David Aber said...

I have taken photos of murals inside of restaurants (with the Owner or Manager's permission). I wait until mid-afternoon because I think it's easier to get permission if there are fewer customers that might be annoyed. I back off if there is a table of diners in front of the mural. The Owner or Manager will appreciate a little common courtesy and, hopefully, get a good impression of us photogs and appreciate the publicity. Not all of us act like Paparazzi!