Monday, November 16, 2015

Murals being made (not finished), part 30b

As I wrote last time, we left the mural in March. I wrote to the muralist, Jason Cross, once more a while after we'd been in touch, but I haven't heard anything since. That's been eight months ago, and I haven't seen any changes in the mural for months now. This week, the mural looked the same as it had in a few snapshots I grabbed back on May 31st. So I decided to take some detailed photos a few days ago — November 8th — and post them here. If something changes from now on, I'll post Part 30c (at least!).

Here's the whole mural from the south end, at Calle Cortez:

And now the whole mural, piece by piece, from left (south) to right (north). The white spots on some photos are from sunlight hitting the camera lens:

That last panel is about twice as tall as the others: the mural covers part of the building instead of just the wall along the street.

Update (February 16, 2018): The third part of this series is in today's entry Murals being (not quite) made, Part 30c.


David Aber said...

Nov. 17

Jason Cross has a Facebook Page. He describes himself as an artist and musician. He has posted photos of this mural. Evidently, he considers it to be finished.

Jerry Peek said...

Thanks, David! Those areas of white paint at the bottom made me think he had more to do.

FYI, anyone who sees this comment: Facebook won't let me see Jason's page without logging in, but the page seems to be at ... the Bing snippet says "Tucson AZ Born Artist and Musician on the path of turning dreams into a reality. My artwork has a huge...".

Unknown said...

Hi, there! I'm Risa Weich, the singer in our band, Bold As Love (Jason is the bass player). This is my home and our music studio is the part where the mural has musical notes. I commissioned Jason to create his vision on my a work in progress (he DOESN'T consider it completed ;) )... he recently added to the mural with a depiction of my boxers--could be my favorite part thus far...thanks for keeping your eye on it...Jason's working on it as time permits...sometimes, life gets in the way of him working on it as often as he or I would like, but it's fun seeing him add to it whenever he can! Peace & <3!, Risa