Monday, November 23, 2015

On your walk back from Nogales, Sonora...

…if you leave through the little crossing for pedestrians only, you'll be greeted by this trompe-l'œil mural:

It's on the south wall of Kory's bridal shop. This is on the International Avenue side of Kory's, directly across from the border wall. I took the photo on April 24th.

[If you drive or take a shuttle to Nogales, Arizona and walk through the big pedestrian/car crossing, here's how to get to the pedestrian-only crossing. It's open during the daytimes: right now, 10am-6pm. (I've also made a Google Map of the Mexican part of the route.) Walk a little ways into town, then walk east across the tall railroad overpass. On the other side of the tracks, walk south a bit, cross the street and cut into the little street Plutarco Elias Calles. It runs past the elegant La Roca restaurant; a few blocks north, you'll be at the pedestrian crossing. I've never seen more than a few people in line, so it's much faster than walking through the main crossing. Once you cross back into the US, admire that mural. Then walk west, up the stairs along the US Customs building, and down the stairs at the west side. You're back where you entered Mexico; the shuttles to Tucson and the parking lots are right there.]

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