Thursday, December 17, 2015

Lazy day at Bookmans (thanks to Joe Pagac)

I'd seen this mural on the east wall of the Bookmans location on Grant for months before I snapped a photo on September 27th:


Sustainable Living Tucson said...

Love this blog. Love this mural! How can I permission to use pics of this mural (or others on this site)?

I am writing a blog about imagining Tucson sustainable and would love to include a picture of this lovely mural.

Jerry Peek said...

Any photo of mine (the bottom of the blog entry mentions "Posted by Jerry Peek", and the text of the blog entry doesn't mention another photographer, is in the public domain. You can use it for whatever. Of course, credit to the artist (in this case, he's named on the entry) is great... I also appreciate credit to: Jerry Peek,

If you need a larger version, just send me email from the contact form on the website.

David Aber said...

Bldg. has been demolished.