Thursday, December 10, 2015

Mission Manor murals!

Here's a series of murals at the Mission Manor Elementary Head Start. These first five are a series of arches; the fourth has IRC Oct 2007. I don't see artist name(s) on these:

Now another mural, this one by David Tineo and school students. It's quite a bit older, signed at the upper right (of the last photo) STUDENT MURAL ~ NUESTRA ESCUELA (our school) - Mission Manor (words covered by the light fixture?) School District 1990. First, the whole mural; then, closeups of the two halves. Letters of the alphabet run through the mural from left to right:

(As always, you can click on a photo for a larger view — on a desktop computer, at least.)

David Aber sent these on October 24th. The camera data in the photos says he took them on October 23rd. Both David and Mark Fleming rescued me then — when I was almost out of mural photos — and sent a lot. Since then they've sent more, and I've found more too. We're good to go until a month or two into 2016, I think! Thanks for these, Dave.

Update (February 6, 2017): I'm going through the last three years of mural photos — including the ones I've received in the mailbox — to see if I've missed anything. A few days after taking the photos above, David stitched them into panoramas that show the whole mural at once. Somehow I missed them — and the hard work he put in to make them exactly right. Very sorry about that, Dave!

There they are. You can click on the image for a larger view, but Blogger's new image-viewer still shrinks the width to fit your screen. For full-size images that you can scroll across to really see the mural, try these wide views mural 1 and mural 2. (And if you want the original, really big version, please contact David or me.)

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