Thursday, July 28, 2016

The Thinkers un-Tagged

A twenty-year Tucson tradition is the mural called “The Thinkers.” It's just east of 4th Avenue on the south side of 6th Street. Randy showed it during 2009 in the entry Mural Montage: A Tucson Favorite.

In the last year or so, a tagger trashed the mural with huge graffiti garbage. Maybe the same criminal was the one who also tagged a great mural half a block farther west along 6th. Anyway, The Thinkers was one of my favorite Tucson murals… I was angry and heartbroken.

Then, this past weekend, Allison Miller posted to Facebook that the original artist, Eleanor Kohloss, had repaired the mural. And Eleanor replied:

I raced downtown the next day to get photos (partly with the hope that I'd get there before the same tagger came back to vandalize the same mural again). I made it.

First, the whole mural:

Next, three photos from left (the east end) to right (west). The middle photo is mostly the bus stop which was added — very unfortunately — since the mural was painted in 1996. (Wouldn't a simple bench have done the job? How about moving this artistic bus stop a couple of blocks farther along 6th Street?? Sigh.)

Although you've really gotta stand in front of this mural to appreciate it, here are a few parts that were easy to photograph. (The dog/people and their “thought bubbles” are mostly intertwined, so it's hard to snap just one part of the scene.) The first one is at the bottom of the left third:

This couple, thinking of each other, are above the bus stop roof:

And in the middle of the right half:

I'd love to hear the story of who got in touch with Eleanor, how she repainted the mural, whether it's been covered with an anti-graffiti coating, etc. If you know, please leave a comment below (you can remain anonymous). I'll also try to contact Eleanor through Facebook.

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